Divorce Laws in Maryland – What to Know

Every state has its own set of rules and laws when it comes to divorce. The same goes for Maryland too. If you are a resident of Maryland and planning for a separation from your spouse, then you should know exactly how the divorce laws work in your state. 

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Divorce Laws in Maryland 

Here are some of the requirements that you should fulfill if you plan for a divorce. 

  • Residency Requirements 

If a couple plans to apply for divorce, then the Maryland law states that one among the couple should be a resident in this state. The requirement can change to the idea of at least one spouse living in Maryland for the previous 6 months if this state is not the actual grounds for divorce. 

If Maryland is the grounds for divorce, then the law states that the other spouse should be a resident. If you feel like you did not understand the concept, then you can take the help of Thomas Stahl, the family lawyer by visiting and also following their Linkedin

  • Options for Divorce 

In Maryland, apart from the divorces, the law court even offers the idea of annulments where the separation happens by rendering the marriage void, and hence there will be no relationship between the couples. This can happen when a spouse, 

  1. Can be an underage one 
  2. Has not finalized the marriage to anyone other than the spouse 
  3. Is closely related to the other 
  4. Does not have the mental stability to understand the actual concept of marriage or the contracts that are associated with it. 
  • “No-Fault” Grounds 

The idea of desertion, separation, vicious conduct, cruelty can offer limited divorce options to the spouse. The term of separation should be of 12 months voluntarily and 2 years involuntarily. 

The idea of limited divorce can include, 

  1. Possession and using the marital home 
  2. Visitation and the custody of the child 
  3. Alimony and child support 
  • Divorce Filing Defenses 

This includes condonation or recrimination as a factor, but not as an absolute bar. 

  • Other Grounds 

This includes,  

  1. Adultery or the desertion of a spouse for at least 12 months without any involvement whatsoever
  2. Conviction of crime with a punishment to serve 12 months to 3 years
  3. Confined due to insanity for more than 3 years
  4. Excessive cruelty 
  5. Vicious conduct 

No-Fault Divorce 

As the name says, this option will not require the spouses to prove anything negative about each other. The couple can apply for this divorce when they are separated for 12 years voluntarily, and for 2 years involuntarily. 

The child custody and laws will be decided based on the child support guidelines as set by the court of law in Maryland.