Finding an Immigration Attorney in Houston

Of the several issues that individuals and businesses have to deal with in the Houston area, one of the most prevalent ones happens to be of immigration. If you’re someone wishing to work or study in the United States, or hoping to bring your family to the country, the immigration part needs to be sorted out carefully. As a business owner, hiring workers from different countries is essential to grow your organization, and that cannot be done without immigration. This is why the best immigration attorney Houston TX needs to be appointed to solve these hurdles. We at Salinas Law Firm can help you with that and much more.

Best Immigration Lawyers in Houston

We have the best immigration lawyers in Houston along with a Houston overtime lawyer, TN visa lawyer, and K1 visa lawyer who can take care of all your legal requirements. Our professional and experienced lawyers help you get your immigration done smoothly regardless of the purpose behind it. Be it employment-based immigration or defense against deportation, our best immigration lawyers in Houston help you with it all. Some of the immigration-based issues we take care of include detention, criminal charges, asylum, waivers of inadmissibility, visa waiver program, family-based immigration, deferred action policy, green cards/permanent resident status, citizenship and naturalization, and work permits/employment authorization documents. 

Our immigration attorney in Houston TX assists you with every single step, including filling out all the papers, attending the hearings, and representing you in appeals and at your trial. Victims of crimes and domestic violence are given all the help they need from our side so they can get their immigration done in a hassle-free manner. 

We also take care of employment immigration. Employment-based visa is something we have a lot of experience in. These include the H-1B visa which is a temporary work visa given to people in jobs requiring specialized knowledge, the H-1C visa that allows non-American nurses to enter the United States and work in medically underserved areas for up to three years, the H-2A/H-2B visa which is a temporary work visa for seasonal agricultural and temporary non-agricultural workers, and the H-3 visa which allows non-medical and non-academic trainees to obtain practical training and education and training in the United States. 

The other types of employment-based visas we take care of include the L visa that grants entry to intercompany transferees who have been employed abroad for a year during the past three years and who will be temporary employed by the same employer as an executive or as a manager in a specialized knowledge capacity, the O visa that admits people of high ability to work in the United States for limited periods, the J-1 and Q-1 exchange visitor visas that allow people to enter into the United States for exchange programs, and the E-B1 and other E visas are meant for individuals with extraordinary talent in ats, science, education, athletics, and business. They are also meant for investors, managers, religious workers, and business executives.

E2 Visa Benefits

In addition to a K1 visa lawyer, TN visa lawyer, and Houston overtime lawyer, we can also give you access to an E2 visa lawyer who can help you acquire your E2 visa. An E2 visa allows foreigners to set up their own business in America by either purchasing a pre-existing business or setting up a new business venture. Meeting the E2 visa needs of our clients is of utmost importance to us and your E2 visa lawyer will guide you through every step of the way. 

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for an E2 visa, there are certain requirements you need to meet. You need to be a citizen and/or national of a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States to apply for the E2 visa. Individuals are required to provide evidence that you’re coming to the United States to direct and develop the operations of an organization that you have invested in or are planning to invest in. The final eligibility criteria to get an E2 visa is that the minimum investment can be as low as $50,000 USD depending on the business. The investment needs to be substantial. 


The individuals opting for the E2 visa are exposed to numerous benefits. You can stay for an unlimited period of time in two-year increments that are renewable every two years. The dependent spouse and unmarried minor children can accompany or follow-to-join you under an E3 visa. The visa allows you to work legally in the United States, giving your spouse the right to apply for a work permit, using which they can legally work in the country. It also gives your children access to schools in the U.S. where they can complete their education and also attend any university of their choice.