How to Find Trusted Business Lawyers to Partner With

Business lawyers are a dime a dozen, which means it can be difficult to find the right one who you can partner with and rely on. However, doing so is crucial for your confidence and to ensure that legal matters relating to your business are in good hands. Whether you’ve just started a new business and need advice on fulfilling legal obligations or you run an established business and want assistance with franchising opportunities, a lawyer who has extensive knowledge and experience in business law can provide reliable support, tailored strategies and friendly guidance.

Expertise & Experience

Business law encompasses many different areas, including business purchases and sales, business structure, commercial leasing, contracts, employment, franchising, trade secrets, and much more. Some lawyers are more familiar with some areas over others, so you should check to ensure their skills and expertise align with your needs. The qualifications they possess and the number of years they’ve operated professionally can also reveal important details to help you make a choice.

Reputation & Reviews

Just like any service provider, lawyers depend on the quality of their reputation. You can learn a lot about what a lawyer is like to work with and what they’re capable of by reading testimonials online. Reviews shared by their past or present clients can verify or discredit the claims they make and give you a better idea of their attitude, work ethic and success rate. You can even ask friends or family who have had dealings with a business lawyer what their experience was like.

Size & Scope

The size and scope of a firm can have a more significant impact on the type and quality of service you receive than you would expect. Business lawyers from larger legal firms have extensive resources, but it sometimes comes at the cost of a personalised approach. They can also be more expensive, pricing them out of reach of small businesses. On the other hand, smaller legal firms can be more personable and develop tailored strategies. However, they have limited resources and may not be as experienced. Give some thought to whether a small or large firm is best for you to find a lawyer you can trust and work with.

Diligence & Dedication

Once you’ve made a shortlist of firms, it’s recommended to give each of them a call and have a brief chat. Treat it like a preliminary interview to get a sense of their attitude and capabilities in addition to how diligent they are with taking down details, when they can see you, and what they charge.

Narrowing Down the Options

The final step in looking for business lawyers you can partner with is to narrow down the options. It never takes quite as long as people expect to find the right lawyer with some simple research. A quick online search and a phone call can go a long way to helping you assess a lawyer’s expertise, experience and reputation in addition to the services they offer. In doing so, you’re sure to find the lawyer you’re looking for.