How You Can Speed Your Immigration Case With The USCIS

It always a challenge to speed up your case with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  In recent times, we are seeing longer await time to process applications. At Adan G. Vega & Associate Law firm, we want to ensure that our clients know how they can avoid delays and speed up their case with the USCIS.   The article covers four ways you can speed up your immigration case. Do not forget to reach out to immigration law firm houston with your questions.

 Compel & Include All the Necessary Documents

When dealing with the USCIS, it is very crucial to ensure that your application has all the necessary documents. If all these documents are not included, the USCIS will send you a Request for evidence, also known as an RFE. An RFE can delay your case, and these delays can last weeks or months. To help avoid an RFE, it is necessary that you include all relevant documents that are vital to your case.

 Premium Processing

Premium Processing is a tool for speeding up the USCIS review of your case with the payment of an extra fee. If the fee is paid, the USCIS will process your case in 15 days. You can also enable Premium Processing after you file your case. Let’s say you have already filed your case and you want to speed up the USCIS processing by requesting Premium Processing. You can choose to pay the extra fee for Premium Processing after you have filed your case. It is called a Premium Processing upgrade.

Note: The Premium Processing is not available for every type of case. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your case is eligible for Premium Processing before proceeding for it.

The USCIS Service Request

A Service request is a toll by which you can make a formal request on the status of your case. What is necessary about the Service Request is how you go about doing it. You may request a Service Request with the USCIS only when your case has been processing outside normal processing times. Contact abogados de migracion en houston for more detail.

For example, recent I-130 processing times for a U.S Citizen filing for a spouse at the Houston Service center may be between 10 to 14.5 months. Hence, you may make a Service Request with the USCIS only after 14.5 months. A Service Request with the USCIS is also sometimes called a Case Inquiry. A successful Service Request may help speed up case processing with the USCIS.

The USCIS Case Expedite Request

Expedite request with the USCIS may not be familiar to you, but it is very efficient in speeding up immigration case processing. An Expedite Request is different from the Service Request. The USCIS approves Expedite Requests on case by case basis. Therefore, once you submit an Expedite Request, the USCIS will review the Expedite Request and either approve or deny the request. The USCIS requires supporting documentation to make an Expedite Request. Next let’s talk about the reasons you may make an Expedite Request with the USCIS.

If Premium Processing exists for your case type, you may not make an Expedite Request. You will have to make a request for Premium Processing as discussed before. If Premium Processing does not exist for your case type you can make an Expedite Request. See usa investor visa for citizenship.

Reasons to Expedite your Case

Before we talked about how one can expedite their case processing. In this section, we will speak to why someone can expedite their case with the USCIS.

Interest Of The Government

The first reason you may make the Expedite Request is if there is a Government Interest that would be affected if your case is not speed up. It could be that you need to start work immediately on a sensitive project that is in the interest of the Government.

Humanitarian Emergency

The second reason you may make an Expedite Request is if there is a humanitarian emergency that is affecting you. You would need to support this with necessary documentation.

Severe Financial Loss

If a person or a business hiring the person is suffering severe financial loss. There must be substantial and irreparable financial harm and supporting documentation that will showcase why the person or business would face such financial loss.


The last reason you may make an Expedite Request is if the USCIS committed an error in the processing of your case.

Have Experience Attorney Help You with Your Immigration Case

Assuming that the USCIS is taking longer than usual in processing cases, you can benefit with the help of a qualified immigration attorney. I’m Adan Vega, a United states immigration attorney severing in Houston Texas. As an immigration lawyer, I help families, professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs get visas, green cards, and citizenship to the United States.