Is It Necessary To Hire A Lawyer To Claim Car Accident Compensation?

Car accidents are probably the most common form of a personal injury accident. People once in their lifetime are said to land in a car accident. Regardless of your precautions and safety measures, you can face a collision. The good news is that. The tort law has made it easy for civilians to claim compensation to recover from a car accident. Some people might think that they do not need a lawyer while making the settlement, but indeed that will be a wrong decision to make. Sullivan & Galleshaw attorneys have curated some major benefits that you will get if you plan to hire a car accident attorney.

Avoid Legal Chaos

Dealing with lawsuits is not baking a cake, there is a lot of action that goes behind the scene. After the accident, your physical and mental situation might not be in the right place. You should be doing as your doctor says and focus on your recovery.

Hire a car accident lawyer so that they can take care of your lawsuit. They will fill out the paperwork and ensure every detail is done with perfection. Further, there is a deadline to file the lawsuit. Normally, the “statute of limitation” is two years from the date of the accident. The attorney is well-versed in the legalities, and they will ensure that everything is done without bugging you.

Calculating Damages 

Physical injuries are not the only loss that you will face after a car accident. Property damages, mental trauma, and emotional distress all come hand in hand after an accident. 

A lawyer will consider all the factors that have affected you post-accident and calculate the compensation that you can demand. Mony will not heal you, but they will compensate the expenses that you have to bear after the accident. 


When you are buying an insurance policy from an insurance company, they will promise you stars and the moon. But at the time of claiming compensation, they will offer you a lowball settlement.

If you want to talk to them, they might twist your words against you and pin the blame on your shoulders. 

A car accident lawyer knows the nature of the law. Hence, you will not have to confront the insurers for demanding the condensation. The lawyer will represent you in the fort of the insurers and ensure that you receive a fair amount.