Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident lawyer 


Getting the right lawyer to represent you is the key to success in a car accident claim. The right lawyer will possess the necessary experience and skills to negotiate with the insurance company. You should never make mistakes by choosing a lawyer just because of the advertisement. Instead, you should personally meet the lawyer and interview him with questions to make sure yourself that he is the right person to hire.

How Much Experience You Have In Handling My Type of Case?

The first question is to ask how much experience the lawyer has in handling your type of personal injury claim. For example, if you suffer from personal injury as a result of a car accident, you will want a lawyer who has experience in handling cases in this category on day in and day out basis. An experienced lawyer will be up to date with the latest development on personal injury law related to car accidents. Often, the lawyers that the insurance companies hire are experienced so you will want to hire a specialist that is skilled in handling personal injury cases. Get more details on car accident attorney near me free consultation.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

Next, you can ask about how much compensation you can expect to get if you win the case. The lawyer should provide you with a rough estimate on the kind of compensation you can get whether the case is settled or won in the trial. You can compare the answers you get from multiple attorneys that you interview. The estimate should be the same unless the lawyer can give you a reason why he think your case has a higher worth. Usually, an attorney will take your case because he think he can recover back some profits.

How Will I Be Billed?

You can ask the car accident lawyer on how he is going to bill you. Some lawyers work on contingency fee basis and won’t get paid until the case is settled. If the lawyer work on contingency basis, make sure he has the resources to handle the case all the way to the court if the circumstances require. A serious personal injury case will involve experts such as reconstruction and trucking safety experts. The lawyer will need to have the financial resources to fund the case otherwise you can be forced into accepting a lower settlement. 

Do You Have Any Courtroom Experience?

Fourth, you can ask whether the lawyer has any experience in trying lawsuits in the court. Many lawyers claim to be trial lawyers but they have little experiences in trying personal injury cases in the court. Lawyers who are experienced will know other injury lawyers in trying cases. It will convince the insurance company that have a lawyer that is ready to go to court if the case need to be tried. In this case, the insurance company will be more willing to offer a higher compensation. On the other hand, if you choose a lawyer who don’t have experience in going to the court, you may get significantly lesser compensation for the case.