Simplify how you import goods in Canada with a Customs broker!

Imports, in most countries, are subject to a plethora of norms and regulations, especially if the shipments are for commercial gain. Import businesses are required to check if their activities are compliant to the applicable rules as set by the Customs department. These rules in Canada can vary, depending on the nature of the import. For example, car imports might be subjected to a green levy tax, especially on selected models and based on fuel consumption. In Canada, importers must work with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and often, these norms and regulations can be complex and perplexing, which is when the option of a Customs broker becomes really relevant. Services like Clearit customs clearance are extremely handy for importers, and there are several benefits of engaging them for business and consulting needs.

Who is a Customs broker?

A Customs broker, as the name indicates, helps clients with imports. You allow them the authority to act on your behalf and clear your shipments, and most Customs brokers also specialize in consulting services. They work with businesses as their extended wing for assistance and are a step ahead in ensuring that their clients are compliant to the necessary regulations. It should be noted that brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and its completely legal to hire their expertise for your business. Also, a Customs broker may refer to an organization, association, person or a firm.

How to find the right Customs broker?

Ideally, find a service that can handle everything that’s related to Customs. From importing personal goods to expensive shipments and cars, they should be able to handle it all. They must also have experience with ecommerce requirements and compliance needs, so that you can continue focusing on one aspect that needs attention – Your business. The good thing is the way that these Customs brokers operate. Most of them have online portals, where you need to share the details of your shipment, and they will get you in touch with their agents, who will offer all kinds of assistance required for completing your requirements.

We recommend that you check the website of a Customs broker to know more on what they have on offer and get in touch with them to ask questions that are more pertinent to your business. If you need services related to consulting, understand their charges and the kind of experience they have in your industry.