The A to Z of PR and Social Media Strategies for Law Firms

The majority of lawyers at least believe that social media is a crucial component of digital marketing for law firms. According to the ABA 2020 tech report, 81% of legal firms claimed they keep a social media presence. In fact, 29% of these lawyers acknowledged that their social media presence contributed to client retention.

Should you start with social media advertising given the poor organic reach on social media platforms? Additionally, it seems like new social networks start up daily. How many of them should your business concentrate on to attract clients interested in legal services?

Can social media marketing help lawyers find more clients?

According to the ABA Websites & Marketing 2021 survey, 52% of legal professionals and 77% of other professionals utilize social media guide for law firms for client growth.

For your law practice, develop a social media policy.

All should know that postings to the accounts of the “public” are able to reflect on its clients and the firm, even if the profile pages show all views are my own; retweets do not imply endorsement.

Making a social media policy is therefore a good idea before you start really developing content for your social platforms. These policies ensure that employees posting on social media on your company’s behalf behave appropriately. Additionally, your business is safeguarded from any legal problems brought on by an unsuitable post that was unintentionally published.

Your policy document can also:

  • Set the tone for your brand and enable your employees to appropriately reflect it;
  • Ensure consistency in the kind of information your firm’s employees upload; and
  • Protect the privacy of your company and its clients.

Consequently, how do you formulate your social media policy?

Read the American Bar Association’s 2022 code of ethics first. Then, draft it using this Jaffe PR social media policy template. Don’t forget to include a section on how your staff members use their social media profiles. Additionally, use simple language so that everyone can comprehend it, including your intern and the managing partner.

Set objectives for your social media marketing

For your social media campaigns, create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely or SMART objectives. It makes sure that they complement your overarching marketing objectives. Businesses may use social media to their benefit in a number of ways, including to raise brand awareness, retain current clients, increase website traffic, generate leads, as well as even acquire new ones.

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