What Characteristics Exist Between Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Claims?

Stroudsburg’s economy is highly diverse, including the tourism sector, retail, warehousing, healthcare, and transport. Workers in Stroudsburg’s restaurants, hotels, shops and warehouses employ 52,000 people a year and are the heart of the city’s economy. Workers need to know they are financially safe if they are injured on the job in Stroudsburg. This is where employee compensation comes into play.

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is an insurance system that compensates workers who suffer from accidents or illnesses while on the job. Pennsylvania law is becoming all employers to have workers’ coverage insurance https://munley.com/stroudsburg/workers-compensation/third-party-claims/, with most exceptions. However, if a third party is responsible for the injury or disorder, you may be able to file an self-sufficient particular injury claim against the party at fault.

If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact a Stroudsburg Workers Compensation Attorney at Manly Law Firm today for a free case assessment. If you conclude a third party is responsible for the damages, you may also file a third party claim for additional monetary compensation for situations not covered by PA workers’ compensation additional benefit. We can help you apply for workers’ coverage insurance and during a free case evaluation will help you regulate if there is a culpable third party who could be held responsible for your injury or occupational illness.

Workers Compensation Insurance was introduced to protect workers financially if they are injured on the job. But it also protects PA companies. If an employee makes or receives compensation claims under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, the employee waives any right to sue the employer for future injury or illness.

The worker’s compensation system is a no-fault system. If you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of the fault of the employee or employer. Employees can claim benefits for accidents or circumstances that caused illness or long-term damage, regardless of whether the employee or the company was at fault.