Common Accidents Due to Weather in TN

A Nashville personal injury attorney is critical for pursuing compensation after weather-related accidents.

Tennessee’s classification is humid subtropical, meaning residents experience a wide array of weather conditions. According to the National Weather Service (NW), 30 tornadoes hit the state every year, and 53 touched down in Davidson County from 1950 to 2021. With 51.6 inches of rainfall annually, Tennessee is the sixth wettest state in the US.

Extreme weather can have tragic consequences when conditions cause accidents, especially with slick, wet, and slippery roadways. However, weather can also increase the potential for other dangerous incidents. Accidents are more common when people do not use proper precautions under the circumstances, so consult with aNashville personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident.

Common Motor Vehicle Accidents Due to Weather

When you think of fatal and injury-causing accidents that are linked to inclement weather, the first thing that comes to mind is traffic crashes. All Tennessee motorists have a duty to exercise reasonable care when driving, and they can be held liable for a breach of that duty. This duty might require extra vigilance when a driver encounters:

  • Rain;
  • Snow and flurries;
  • Sleet;
  • Fog; and,
  • Heavy winds, which have a very dangerous effect on large commercial vehicles.

Despite the dangers, many motorists do not take extra precautions. Some may travel too fast for conditions, even if they are not over the speed limit. Drivers may not allow enough space between vehicles, disregarding the fact that the distance should be extended in bad weather. They also underestimate stopping distance on slippery roads, often causing rear-end collisions.

Other Accidents Caused by Weather

Though motor vehicle collisions tend to increase, the weather has a profound impact in many other areas. There are other accidents that are linked to extreme conditions, such as:

  • Slick surfaces can lead to slips and falls at stores, apartment complexes, office buildings, restaurants, and other businesses.
  • Employees who work outdoors are affected by precipitation, extreme cold – and extreme heat. Workers in transportation, supply chain and logistics, utilities, public works, and other areas are exposed.
  • Construction workers, in particular, face unique challenges in inclement weather. Many work at heights, including on scaffolding, platforms, and ladders. Others are operating heavy equipment and dangerous machinery, including around electrical components where lightning is a key concern.

Note that workplace accidents due to weather are usually covered by Tennessee workers’ compensation laws. You do not need to prove a breach of the duty of care to qualify for benefits.

Discuss Remedies with a Nashville Personal Injury Attorney

Weather can increase the risk of accidents, but carelessness is usually behind these incidents. You may have legal remedies if you were hurt because of negligence, so you might qualify to recover compensation for your losses. Please contact Bednarz Law to learn more about your options. You can schedule a free consultation with a Tennessee personal injury lawyer by calling 615-256-0100 orvisiting our website.