How To Prevent The Three Most Frequent Motorcycle Crashes?

Personal injury lawyers are committed to providing the community with the resources they need to keep safe on the roads, especially since motorcycle fatalities are expected to remain high through August 2020.

It’s true that riding a motorcycle is one of the more dangerous ways to get around town, but it’s also one of the most handy ways for people to get from one place to another, according to a Stockton car accident attorney. Even though motorcyclists in California may be more aware of their surroundings than riders in any other state in the country, California still has the highest incidence of people injured in a motorcycle accident than any other state in the United States. This is the case despite the fact that California also has the highest number of motorcyclists per capita.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most typical causes of motorcycle accidents, as well as some precautions that drivers of other vehicles can take to stay safe.

  • Left-Turning Cars Cause Stockton Motorcycle Accidents

When a car or truck turns left in front of a motorbike, it accounts for more than forty percent of all collisions between vehicles and motorcycles.

The majority of the time, this takes place when a rider is going in a direct path through an intersection or is passing a vehicle when they are struck by it.

In order to avoid the kind of accidents that could end up being fatal, motorists should never turn in front of motorcyclists. When weighed against the amount of time saved by allowing the rider to proceed through the intersection like any other vehicle, the potential for fatality is insignificant.

  • Stockton Accidents When Drivers Pass Motorcycles

Motorists have a greater chance of missing motorcyclists when they are in their blind spots. When this risk is heightened by motorists who are inattentive, speed, or disregard traffic signals and signs, a cyclist is in an especially dangerous situation.

Always make sure to check your blind areas before changing lanes, and keep in mind that just because you’re in a bigger, safer car does not give you the right to harass a motorcyclist who happens to be riding in the same lane as you.

In every state, it is against the law to operate a vehicle while using a phone or other electronic device that could cause a distraction. Simply paying attention on the road can prevent serious injuries or fatalities for motorcyclists.

  • Too Many Head-On Motorcycle Accidents Happen

The vast majority of fatalities that occur among motorcyclists are the result of head-on collisions with other vehicles.

More than eighty percent of all motorcycle accidents are caused by head-on collisions between automobiles and motorcyclists.

Head-on collisions between passenger vehicles and motorcycles are extremely hazardous due to the fact that the power and speed of the collision can cause the rider to be thrown off of their motorcycle and into the road, which can frequently result in severe injuries or even death.

In spite of the fact that protective gear such as helmets, gloves, and other riding gear can help protect the rider during accidents, the rider is at a greater risk of suffering catastrophic injuries as a result of these rapid stops. These injuries may include traumatic brain injuries or even death.

The most prevalent reasons for head-on motorcycle collisions are swerving into oncoming traffic or travelling in the opposite direction on a street that only allows traffic in one direction. In order to avoid head-on collisions involving motorcyclists, it is imperative that drivers pay undivided attention at all times.

Final Thoughts 

Motorcycle accident victims who believe they may have been injured by a careless motorist should call the personal injury attorneys at Law Corp right once to set up a free consultation. They will go through the specifics of your motorbike accident and lay out all of your legal alternatives so that you can pursue financial compensation from the party at fault for your injuries.