How to Find a Perfect Lawyer for the Best Cases?

This is a question that requires a precise answer. “When you have a problem with your brain, look for a specialist, a neurologist, not an orthopedist, right? So why, if you have a problem that requires a criminal lawyer, will you look for a professional from another area?” Asks an expert, a criminal lawyer who has worked in the sector for almost 30 years.

The First Thing for you Now

First of all, the lawyer emphasizes that serious problems must be dealt with by experts to achieve positive results. “A good example of the importance of choosing the right professional is, if the area involved is labor and if you hire a criminal lawyer, with no experience in the area, you can lose money. But if the opposite is true, you lose freedom, which is much more important”.

Certainly, most people believe that they will never need to hire a criminal lawyer, after all, they do not intend to commit any crime. And due to the content at work, professionals are often judged, being called “jail door”, “bandit accomplice” and other pejorative names. But, according to dr. Ricardo Duran, citizens may need this type of service even when they are on the other side of the coin. For example: The criminal lawyer is also called on to defend victims of crimes. In addition, our Constitution states that everyone has the right to defense: the suspects, the innocent accused and the really guilty. From the lawyer Monroe GA this is important.

How to choose the right lawyer for each case?

First, dr. Ricardo Duran explains that it is necessary to seek information about the professional, mainly to find out if he has an active register with the National Register of Lawyers, maintained by the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. This can be done through the website For instance, if you’re someone who wants to hire a pregnancy discrimination lawyer, you can search online by typing pregnancy discrimination lawyers near me and select the best lawyer which is nearest to your area.

  • In addition, it is important to find out if he is a specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, extremely essential areas for the sector, in cases of financial crimes, against the environment, against the consumer, against honor – such as slander, injury and defamation , traffic, homicide, threat, bodily injury, theft, robbery, fraud, rape, as well as illicit drug trafficking.
  • A tip that the lawyer gives is to do simple searches on the internet to identify your posture and get to know other works in which you have already participated. Reading articles about him, articles he has written and knowing cases in which he has acted is very good. “In such a way it is interesting to look at the professional’s social networks. In more relaxed environments, even on institutional pages, the tendency is for people to be more ‘unarmed’ and it is possible to know a more real and everyday side of the lawyer”, comments.

The Best Research Option

After research, the time has come to meet the professional. Dr. Ricardo Duran points out that this is very important and that the client needs to feel welcomed by the lawyer. “Criminal cases are usually very delicate and the person opens his life and a large part of his intimacy, so having a professional who talks, understands you and whose personality ‘hit’ with yours is fundamental”, he stresses. The criminalist adds that it is useless to be the best lawyer in the world if the client does not feel good about him. “Better to believe in your intuition, in the sixth sense”, he adds.