Menos Hiras – Legal Education In the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic


In recent years, legal education has developed rapidly, and the recent COVID-19 outbreak has seen the integration of online communication tools and research so that students can study at home and create an inclusive campus-like environment. You can make the best use of your time at home for preparing for law school with a well- organized study plan that will help you cover all the salient topics, especially if you are under lockdown rules in your area.

Menos Hiras – How to prepare for law school from home  

Menos Hiras is an aspiring lawyer and a sports enthusiast. He says that when it comes to law school, he takes every lesson, course, and experience seriously. He says that though some stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic is difficult for most students, this is the time to make the best of it for law school. Along with course studies, you should never forget to engage in some form of sports or exercise, keeping social distancing in mind to nurture your mind and body. He says that when you are at home, you should make a feasible plan when it comes to studying law subjects. At times, the course load does seem heavy; however, with a diligent plan, you can pull through effectively without hassles at all.

 Set daily study goals 

At first glance, the course does look hard; however, you should set out small study goals for each day. In this way, you can effectively finish your lessons in time for your first- year exams. University life can be challenging for some; however, when you do not feel like studying, you should read as much as possible. You will be surprised to know you can retain a lot just by reading about the subject.  

The impact of the coronavirus on legal education

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole world to the core; however, when it comes to education, most schools, colleges, and universities have gone online with their courses. If you are aspiring to become an integral part of the legal profession, you must start preparing early for your LSAT exams. Optimize online resources and register on forums where you can meet other students and discuss topics. In this way, you can effectively stay motivated and focused on your studies.

According to Menos Hiras, when you comes to studies and exercise; you should never ignore the importance of a good diet. Students must eat healthy to focus on. Get rid of smoking and drinking as these bad habits will make you lose focus. Drink water and stay hydrated. Focus on fresh vegetables over-processed and packaged meals. If you stay alone and away from your family, cook your own meals, and ensure you cut down on sugary snacks since you are mostly at home in quarantine. Last but not least, sleep well. Make sure you sleep early and avoid late nights. These simple tips will surely make you succeed with your aspirations to become a lawyer in no time!