What Should I Do If The Police Do Not Respond In A Car Crash? 

First, it is important to remember to be cautious, you have just been in an accident. Being in the middle of the road while your heart is racing is not a smart idea. According to the news, the Philadelphia Police Department would no longer respond to car incidents with no fatalities. The only damage is done to the cars themselves. Under such circumstances, then drivers should phone 911. Later, you might also need a car accident attorney Philadelphia for further investigation. As the news, it states, 

  • Turn on your warning lights, move your car to the side of the street, and get out of traffic lanes cautiously.
  • The next step is for drivers to dial 911 emergency operators. Authorities will therefore ask them questions to assess whether a policy needs to be sent to the crash scene or not. 
  • The drivers will be provided with the address and phone number of the relevant police precinct once it has been decided whether they can register the mishap in person or over the phone.

Before leaving the scene, drivers must exchange the vehicle and owner information. The following details should be shared:

  • Name, mobile number, identify, driver’s license number, name of the insurance provider, insurance policy number, year, manufacture date, the color of the vehicle, license plate number, and vehicle identification number (VIN) that should be sited on the driver’s side of the vehicle, on the dashboard, which would be visible through the windshield. It will appear to be a very long string of integers with 17 characters (Like 1C4RJEBG8CC299381).

What if your injury doesn’t show up right away?

The truth is that injuries happen, even in encounters with relatively low speeds. People occasionally become aware that they will have soft tissue destruction, such as whiplash after the adrenaline wears off. 

Soft tissue injuries may never appear for several days or weeks following the collision. While some whiplash cases resolve independently, others might persist for a long time.


Other complications involve chronic headaches or even a shattered sternum, which may not necessarily show right away. Further, concussions may have long-term harmful consequences, as can being in a car crash while pregnant. Under such circumstances, you will need a knowledgeable lawyer to help you settle your claim quickly.