Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney After An Automobile Accident in Philadelphia?  


Why do most people approach a personal injury attorney following a car mishap? There are plenty of reasons why you need an attorney for such a case.

Primarily, a lawyer standing by your side can help you stay away from legal problems. Secondly, a lawyer and law enforcement agency can explain the actual causes that led to the mishap. And finally, your lawyer will help you sue the defendant and get suitable compensation for your injuries.

The question that arises here is why should you bear the brunt for someone else’s reckless driving and negligence. Personal injury cases are complex. Insurance companies try to avoid paying compensation to the victim until the last moment. It’s better to contact personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA for professional legal help.

How Do Personal Injury Laws Apply To Such A Case? 

Hiring a lawyer who has no skill and experience in handling personal injury-related cases may not help. Following any automobile accident, you need an experienced lawyer who can successfully fight your case in a court of law against the defendant and the latter’s insurance company. 

A reputed personal injury attorney can help you file a lawsuit keeping in mind the extent of your direct and indirect injuries. Skilled attorneys can strengthen your cases citing suitable clauses and statutes to demand more amount of compensation from the insurance company. 

Here are the top reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer following an automobile mishap:

Most insurance companies deny making any payment to the plaintiff even if their client (defendant) is at fault. They either make excuses or pay a very meager amount of compensation.

The defendant’s lawyer strongly argues the case to shift the blame for the accident to the victim. 

  • An experienced personal injury attorney will not only help you get justice and suitable monetary compensation but also defend the criminal allegations if leveled against you. 
  • An expert personal injury lawyer can use their expertise and skill in exploring various out-of-the-court settlement options. It not only saves the time of both parties—plaintiff, and defendant—but helps the victim receive a huge monetary compensation, too.
  • An individual who doesn’t have enough knowledge of law may not be able to file a lawsuit as per the court’s requirement. Your lawyer can assist you in getting your lawsuit filed keeping in mind all formalities and legal guidelines.
  • A personal injury lawyer also knows the nature and types of questions that the defendant’s attorney may ask you. Your lawyer is your best confidante. They can guide you well and provide all essential data and tips to represent your case better. 

In Conclusion

It’s now clear that you need a Philadelphia-based personal injury lawyer to handle your case following an automobile accident. 

It is your legal right to seek suitable compensation not only for the physical injuries sustained by you but also for the mental agonies. Only a reputed lawyer with a specialization in personal injury laws can help you win the case.